Ribinerf has designed an innovative application that optimizes BinPicking of parts located in containers thanks to the integration of technologies such as 3D vision and Artificial Intelligence.

The Girona-based engineering company, which specializes in standardized and automated solutions for loading, unloading and quality control using artificial vision systems combined with artificial intelligence, offers its customers highly flexible applications to facilitate the automation of low value-added processes.

The advances produced in 3D Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality allow the successful development of applications for Picking and BinPicking of parts located in containers, as is the case of the innovative solution implemented by Ribinerf in the facilities of a manufacturer in the automotive sector.

The challenge proposed by the customer was to develop a system that would allow the picking of parts from a container, which are usually received in poor condition or deformed. Among the references with which the customer works there are disc brakes, drum brakes or knuckle holders just out of the foundry so that, in addition to receiving them placed in a disorderly and chaotic way, they can have significant drawbacks for an automated system, such as different colors, dust, sand, oil and even stains.

The cell developed by Ribinerf integrates a Cirrus 3D Virtual Reality scanner, which is responsible for collecting the information on the position of the parts in the container so that the industrial robot can then pick them up.

The system performs a scan by means of a 3D point cloud, recognizing which parts are linked and which are suitable to be picked up without the tool colliding with the container. From a robot programming point of view, the part is at a fixed point, making it easy for the customer to program new models or modify existing points.

Finally, it should be noted that the system incorporates artificial intelligence, so that, in the case of not being able to detect parts suitable for collection, it has been programmed so that the robot removes the parts in the container, thus generating a new scenario.