COM-SG: Large blankings at press exit, at 1800 parts/hour

The new CPM-SG is a solution for the stacking of parts in containers at the exit of the press, without any type of tooling or format change. A compact, portable and modular machine, which allows feeding parts at a rate of up to 1800 parts/hour and with an Artificial Intelligence system that automatically programs itself and creates the mosaic in the container.

The CPM-SG has been designed to stack larger and heavier parts in large containers than the SD model, whether they are Blanking parts or deep-drawn parts. It includes the option of part turning. Also the option to place a 3D scanner on top of the container to locate the destination position, the position of the column, to continue stacking, even the virtual analysis at the beginning, to avoid collisions. In this way, the system adapts to the deformations of the container, the inclination of the columns, etc.

Like all our machines, the new CPM-SG is delivered with commissioning carried out in the factory. It takes only 1 day to install and is ready for production start-up; only minor adjustments are required during production. The machine is portable so that it can be moved from one press to another if necessary.