Sorting, quality checking and loading/unloading of parts on industrial lines.

We manufacture standard robotic machines with artificial vision systems for sorting, quality verification, loading and unloading of parts in industrial production lines. Their main functions and most significant advantages include:

Loading and unloading of parts to production processes

  • Automate a process with little added value and a cost element in production.
    • Reducing the need for direct labour, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce production costs.
    • Fill labour shortages, freeing up workers for more
      complex and higher-value tasks.
  • Reduce risks of injuries and accidents, as well as to improve working conditions in general, increasing worker satisfaction and productivity.

Verification of part quality

  • Reduce costs by detecting production problems and avoiding the production of failed parts on the line.
  • Avoid the return of batches of parts due to the detection of NOK parts by the customer.
  • Avoid penalty costs for NOK parts and rework costs for delivered parts.
  • Improve competitive position by ensuring the quality of parts.
  • Avoiding human errors due to the monotony of verification and the limitation of 100% human focus.

In short, our standard robotic machines with machine vision systems significantly improve efficiency and quality in production, while reducing costs and improving worker health and safety.

Improve your process, drive your success. – Make industrial process improvement your priority!

Thanks to our AI software, our machines not only perform the task at hand, but are also capable of autonomously troubleshooting variable production. This minimizes downtime and increases production efficiency.

The programming of new references is very simple, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to changes in customer demand. No specialized knowledge of machine vision or robotics is required.

Our solutions also include automated cellular work units, which reduce the need for direct labor and associated costs. This also decreases labor and facility requirements, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

Automate your industrial processes with our machine vision robotic machines powered by artificial intelligence. Improve quality and reduce production costs!


Bin Picking Portable Machine


Verification Robotic Machine 3D


Containerizing Portable Machine to Bin or Containers

Containerizing Unmoulded Parts 3D

Racking Machine


Hanging / Unhanging Portable Machine