Ribinerf has developed a version of its automated and standardized BinPicking solution for sheet metal parts weighing less than 2 kg: the new BPM-HS. A compact, portable and modular machine, it allows feeding from containers to shot blasting machines, welding lines, etc. at a rate of up to 5 pieces/second.

The new BPM-HS is also equipped with an Artificial Intelligence system that auto-programs the formats and creates the mosaic of left-over parts on the target tray.

The machine has been designed for applications involving very large numbers of models, where programming robots and vision for each model is unfeasible. For this purpose, “we have designed an Artificial Intelligence that, by simply passing each piece with the machine empty, learns the model, searches for the viable pick-up point and even designs a mosaic to be left on the tray”, says Xabier Ribalta, CEO of Ribinerf.

Thus, in just 2 minutes a format has been programmed, without the need for technical knowledge or highly specialized personnel. All this results in significant improvements in productivity and cost savings by avoiding the production stoppages that until now were involved in programming each new format.

Like all our machines, the new BPM-HS is also delivered with commissioning done in the factory, so it only needs 1 day for installation, being ready for production start-up; it will only be necessary to make minor adjustments during production.