CUP3D Containerizing Unmouled Parts

Objective: OEM / TIER1 Automotive MELTING.

Requirement: Sorting and boxing of hot parts, demolding outputs, from conveyor belt, mixed with sand, and scrap.  Or flow out of shot blasting machines, sorting the part on conveyors, to take them to quality control, retouching, etc…

Solution: Modular system, allows to classify several mixed models, each Robot locates all the models and classifies them to their corresponding container or to a destination belt that transports them.

Parts: Parts at 600ºC with glued sand, and mixed flow with waste.

Production: With 3 robots: 1000 p/h


BPM-F BinPicking Portable Machine Foundry

Objective: OEM / TIER1 Automotive Foundry.

Requirement: Feeding of parts randomly from containers to shot blasting machines, machining centres, hanging on air conveyors…

Destination: Rotary table, Conveyors, Air conveying system incoming paint, hanging parts, etc…..

Solution: Portable station: Portable station, randomly picked from container. Places the parts in the programmed position. Additional scanner can be added for hanging, or the picked parts can be left in a variable target position (paint infeed).

Production: up to 15 sec / part

Parts: Complex castings.

Info: Portable machine, set up in 1 day, 1 week monitoring and adjustments in production.

Average return on investment: Less than 1,5 years

PDF y Vídeos

VRM3D FC Verification Robotic Machine 3D

Objective: OEM / TIER1 Automotive MELTING.

Need: Control the quality of 3D parts (deformations, lack or excess of material, in raw parts). With this we increase the production of the following process, by eliminating NOK parts.

Solution: Complete machine, with part transport without fixtures, insertable in your process.  It compares the part with the CAD model, with a resolution and repeatability of 0.1mm.

Parts: Complex castings.

Control: General deformations of the part, detect small defects of 2x2mm Prof. 2mm (protruding or incoming), burrs, etc. ….  It takes into account the size difference between part and CAD, even the size difference between parts from different molds.

Production: Up to 1800 p/h (with 1 scanning zone).

Info: Portable machine, installable in 1 day

Return on investment: in less than 2 years

PDF and Video

VRM3D FB Verification Robotic Machine 3D

Objetivo: OEM / TIER1 Fundición de automóviles.

Necesidad: Controlar la calidad de las piezas 3D (deformaciones, falta o exceso de material, en las piezas brutas). Con esto aumentamos la producción del siguiente proceso, eliminando las piezas NOK.

Solución: Máquina tipo puente, colocada encima de su transportador de piezas, pasando por su interior.  Compara la pieza con el modelo CAD, con una resolución y repetibilidad de 0,1mm.

Piezas: Piezas de fundición complejas.

Control: Deformaciones generales de la pieza, detecta pequeños defectos de 2x2mm Prof. 2mm (salientes o entrantes), rebabas, etc. ….  Tiene en cuenta la diferencia de tamaño entre la pieza y el CAD, incluso la diferencia de tamaño entre piezas de diferentes moldes.

Producción: Hasta 1800 p/h (con 1 zona de escaneo).

Información: Máquina portátil, instalable en 1 día

Retorno de la inversión: en menos de 2 años

PDF and Video

HPM Hanging / unHanging Portable Machine

Purpose: OEM / TIER1 Automotive MELTING.

Need: Hanging and unhanging parts for shot blasting, painting, etc. …. Multiple part models at the same time, per frame.

Solution: Modular system: 3D scanner locates the position of the parts to be unhooked or the position of the hook on the rack for hanging. Each robot loads or unloads, then palletizes in container, outfeed roller conveyors, etc…

System output per module: 240 parts/hour per module.

Parts: Complex castings, blanks, shot-blasted, painted, etc. ….

Info: Ignores the deformation of the frame, its position, color, etc…

Return on investment: in less than 2 years.