Ribinerf s.l. and INFAIMON have reached a collaboration agreement with an important win-win. Ribinerf will install Infaimon’s Inpicker software with VISIO NERF’s CIRRUS equipment in our standard BPM machines, bringing our more than 6 years of experience manufacturing Bin Picking, towards the Inpicker program that will improve day by day, being by far the best Bin Picking program. Thanks to Infaimon, Ribinerf will increase its commercial area, which is currently Spain and France, by adding Portugal, Mexico and Brazil. Discover our solutions here: https://inpicker.com/es/ and on www.ribinerf.com

Ribinerf s.l. and Talleres SERCAME, we have reached a commercial collaboration agreement with win-win. Sercame will be in charge of the commercial areas of Mexico, Brazil, USA and all of Europe (except France). With this in Ribinerf we increase our export countries to more than 6 countries! with a human potential of more than 30 commercials! This 2022 the sales forecasts of the BPM and VRM will be spectacular with this increase in commercial potential. We are very proud to be able to collaborate with a company like Sercame, which has great experience and market diffusion.