F1: BPM BinPicking of disordered parts in container.

Portable machine for BinPicking of blanks, which come in chaotic containers, which may be deformed. Loading of shot blasting machines, CNC, etc.

F2: Unhooking airborne parts

Unhooking parts in the paint output process.
7 sec/piece

F3: Hanging parts in air transport

The system hangs in air transport, for entry of the painting process, pieces that come disorderly on a conveyor system. It locates the piece on top of the belt, as origin and locates the hanging point at destination.

F4: Catching parts from a conveyor belt

The machine locates the parts that come on top of a conveyor, (even parts with sand and mixed with waste), leaving them in a container, blast machine inlet, etc..

F5: Loading and unloading of sand cores

The machine loads or unloads sand cores.

Loading in molding, palletizing, etc..

F6: Feeding of aluminium housings to shot-blasting machine

Loading of aluminium casings into blasting machines that come untidy on pallets or in containers. Unloading and palletizing the shot-blasted part. The machine performs the handling of separators at the entrance and/or exit.

F7: 3D quality control of blanks

The system performs a 3D dimensional control of the part, comparing it with its CAD model. The difference in the positioning of the part is absorbed by the system. Resolution and repeatability of 0.1mm.