A1: BinPicking Solution

  • The scanner acquires a 3D point cloud of the part, locates it, checks that it is not too buried, verifies that there are no collisions, etc… using virtual reality.
  • Immune to the color of the part, stains, dust, oil, etc…
  • Determination of the position of the piece with 6 degrees of freedom. From the point of view of robot programming, the part is in a fixed point.
  • It controls the pieces that are joined together, so that two pieces are not taken away.
  • It has AI, in case of reaching a scenario where there is no takeable part, the system moves the parts from the interior, automatically, generating a new scenario in which new takeable parts will appear.
  • Validation of the model. The pieces that are not of the programmed model will be left in the container.